Dept. of Computer Science

Courses Survey of the Dept. of Computer Science

The VLU has been launched. If you have not yet received an email, you can register yourself .

The courses survey („Vorlesungsumfrage“, „VLU“) is used for quality assurance of courses offered and as a feedback option for students.

The Computer Science Department and the Student Council ask all students strongly to participate in the survey and answer the following questions carefully.

The survey will take place online and is evaluated anonymously (see also the privacy information).

Current Lecture Survey


Dear Students,
dear Lecturers,

the lecture survey for the current semester WS 2019/20 is open from now.

  • Access data was sent via Email in the form of individual tokens.
  • If you didn‘t receive a token (e.g. students from other departments) you can register themselves with their Email-address from within the TU Kaiserslautern ( in order to receive a token via Email.
  • In general, if you have lost your token you can also regain it with this function.

You can take part in the survey until 2020–02-23.

Participate here

The current provisional results are available as feedback to the lecturers on a daily basis as soon as at least 5 votes have been submitted. As evaluations and comments can be modified as often as required until the final deadline, the survey can be used as a direct feedback channel during the course of the semester.

We hope we will receive as many good quality comments as last time.

Best regards

Joachim Thees Aaron Hackenberg, Felix Thoma, Magdalena Allmann
Service-Center Informatik (SCI) VLU-group of the student council

How to get a personal token

In order to take part at the survey, you need a token (access credentials).

There are 3 ways to get a token:

  1. All students of the dept. of CS and some other departments receive an email with token-data.
    (The tokens are connected to the addresses only for distribution purposes, see also the privacy information).
  2. All other students (including students from other departments)
    can register themselves with an Email-address from the TU Kaiserslautern (
    in order to receive a token via Email.
  3. If you want to participate absolutely and obviously anonymously,
    you can get a printed token that you pick out of a pool at the SCI (48/223).

Accessibility of the results

The evaluation of the VLU is generally university public (e.g. by access from the TU network).

For exercise courses (more precisely: of all subordinate courses), the detailed evaluations are only displayed to a limited extent on the decision of the FSL for the protection of personality of the Hiwis. Access is granted…

  • to the registered Hiwis and supervisors of the exercises,
  • to the lecturers of the respective higher-level LVs and
  • to the persons responsible for QA (VLU-Team, FSL, RefQSL).

For all others, only the name of the event and the overall score can be seen.

Any Questions?

If you have further questions, please contact…