Dept. of Computer Science

Courses Survey of the Dept. of Computer Science

The results of the survey
are available now.

The courses survey („Vorlesungsumfrage“, „VLU“) is used for quality assurance of courses offered and as a feedback option for students.

The Computer Science Department and the Student Council ask all students strongly to participate in the survey and answer the following questions carefully.

The survey will take place online and is evaluated anonymously (see also the privacy information).

Results of the last survey


Dear Students,
dear Lecturers,

the Results of the last VLU are available now (access is restricted to the internal LAN of the TU Kaiserslautern):

To the results

Please also note the comments of the lecturers.

We would like to thank all participants for their constructive participation and the many comments.
They are very helpful in understanding and solving possible problems.

At the request of the FSL, the details of the evaluation of sub-events (exercise courses) are for the moment only available to the lecturers of these events.

Best Regards,

Joachim Thees Aaron Hackenberg, Felix Thoma, Magdalena Allmann
Service-Center Informatik (SCI) VLU-group of the student council

Lecturerer Comments

For the evaluation of the VLU, we have integrated a new function into the VLU platform last year, with which the lecturers can reply to the students‘ comments.

This was used intensively and there were over 120 such lecturers‘ comments. (These are highlighted in individual blue in the evaluation pages, as well as their numbers in the „Comments“ column of the overview page.)
We hope that this will strengthen the VLU as a platform for exchanging views.

Accessibility of the results

The evaluation of the VLU is generally university public (e.g. by access from the TU network).

For exercise courses (more precisely: of all subordinate courses), the detailed evaluations are only displayed to a limited extent on the decision of the FSL for the protection of personality of the Hiwis. Access is granted…

  • to the registered Hiwis and supervisors of the exercises,
  • to the lecturers of the respective higher-level LVs and
  • to the persons responsible for QA (VLU-Team, FSL, RefQSL).

For all others, only the name of the event and the overall score can be seen.

Next Survey

The next VLU will start early november..

Any Questions?

If you have further questions, please contact…